Guidelines and Safety Requirements

Baby Bank Network takes pride in the quality of the items that we provide to families. Please only donate items that you would be proud to give a close friend or family member.

There are some simple steps that you can take which will help us get your items to the families that need them quicker. Prams, cots and highchairs have additional mandatory safety requirements that we are required to meet. Please see our guidelines below.
Baby Baths
No bath seats or supports.
Blankets and swaddles
We cannot accept hand-knitted items.
Bottles and new teats
Tommee Tippee and Avent only. We cannot take any other brands currently. No used teats. No bottle warmers.
Breast pumps
Only those which can be completely dismantled and fully sterilised.
Changing mats
No cot-top changers
Clothes from premature to 18 months
We currently take clothes sized newborn to 18months. Please sort by age and gender. Please ensure items have been washed in a non-bio detergent and are neatly folded and if possible ironed. We cannot accept hand-knitted items. We pride ourselves on passing on items in great condition. It makes all the difference to the mum on the receiving end. If you are not sure whether your clothing donation is suitable or not, a good barometer is would you give it to the children of a good friend? If the answer is yes, we are happy to receive it.
Taggies, comforters, museys and similar.
Feeding pillows
Mattresses (unused only) and mattress protectors
Moses baskets and stands
Unused mattresses only
Nursing tops and bras
Prams/pushchairs/strollers (single and double)
Must have 5 point harness and faultless brakes. Please vacuum and clean before donating. Please include the original manuals if you have them or find them online and print a copy. It is also important to check that it is in good condition. Here is a handy checklist which shouldn’t take long to complete: Ensure there are no sharp edges or points The folding chassis’ must have a primary and secondary locking device. Do they both engage and work properly? Is the safety harness in good condition? Make sure the harness is secure and the straps are not frayed. Check the wheels are secure and that there is no evidence of any heavy wear on the edges of wheels Does the parking brake work both forwards and backwards, and does it engage properly? Check the general stability of the pram in all directions (forwards, backwards and sideways left and right) Have the tubes or linkages been bent by heavy impact with kerns or stairs? Can small fingers be trapped? Ensure that exposed tubes still have some means of preventing fingers from getting trapped Is the permanent label headed ‘Carelessness Causes Fire’ is present indicating compliance with the flammability requirements? – if not, the item must be rejected as all upholstered items have to comply with flammability labelling
Room thermometers
Please pair.
Sleeping bags
Stair gates (pressure and wall-mounted)
We provide all gates with fitting instructions. Please check all fittings against those listed in the manual to ensure that you are donating it with all of the correct parts. If you don’t have the original manual, please find it online and print a copy. Secure instructions and parts in a plastic bag and attach securely.
Sterilising fluid and tablets
Toiletries for the mum:
Breast pads*, maternity pads*, shower gel, shampoo, lip balm, hand cream, nipple cream

*Opened packs are fine.
Toys, games and puzzles. Suitable for up to 18 months
Small toys only, must fit inside a shoebox. Please wash soft toys first (please note that due to space constraints we only take small soft toys).. We cannot accept hand-knitted items. No battery operated toys.
Weaning items
Including plastic bowls, plates and cups, plastic cutlery, sippy cups, storage pots, wipeable bibs
Dribble and weaning bibs.
Suitable for babies up to 18 months
Bouncing chairs / reclining baby seats
Must have a safety harness. No door bouncers or Bumbos.
Changing bags
Cloth nappies, liners and buckets
Half used rolls of paper liners are fine. Lidded nappy buckets.
winter and summer
Cots and cot beds, including cribs
Please include the original manuals if you have them or find them online and print a copy. Please check all fittings and fixtures against those listed in the manual to ensure that you are donating it with all of the correct parts. Secure instructions and parts in a plastic bag and attach securely to the cot. Check that the rails and base slats are present and are not splintered or otherwise damaged. Any metal rails or bars should not be bent or damaged. No used mattresses.
High chairs
Must have a tray, safety harness and be safe, study and stable with brakes if on casters. Please clean thoroughly before donating.
Please provide instructions.
Unused or barely used only.
Play mats/ gyms
Pram accessories
Including buggy boards, foot muffs, sunshades and raincovers. Spare pram wheels and pumps if you have them. No carry cots without the chassis.
Sheets and mattress protectors
For cots, cot beds, cribs and Moses baskets. Fitted or flat.
Soft-soled shoes
No hard-soled shoes.
Slings with ergonomic support
We are working closely with Bristol and Avon Sling Partnership to ensure families get the right sling for their needs. If you do not have original instructions please go to the manufacturer’s website and print off a copy. We cannot donate these items without them for safety reasons.
Sterilisers (electric, cold water, microwave)
Please provide printed instructions. Please make sure that all sterilisers are clean and in good working order.
Toiletries for the baby:
Disposable nappies (part-packs are fine), bath wash, nappy cream, baby oil, baby lotion, cotton wool, baby wipes, grooming items (hairbrush, comb, nail scissors/clippers) , shampoo.

No talculm powder.
Excellent condition only
Washing powder (non-bio)

No Thanks

Please no car seats, used mattresses, talcum powder, potties/toilet seats, top & tail bowls, bath seats or supports, bottle warmers, hand-knitted items, large stuffed toys, pillows, cot bumpers, bolsters, cushions, prints, christening gifts, photo frames, money boxes, nappy bins or wrappers for disposable nappies (we do take nappy bins for cloth nappies), bikes, trikes, toddler bike seats, scooters, helmets & large ride on toys or baby aids like baby walkers or assisted baby seats (e.g. Bumbos), door bouncers, toddler beds, duvets and duvet covers, cupboard locks or other safety equipment, hard-soled shoes, maternity clothing, books on parenting, feeding or baby names books, food, supplements or formula milk of any kind.

Please don’t leave these items at our storage unit as we will have to pay to have them removed, taking away our valuable resources for buying our much needed new items.

We reserve the right to dispose of, donate or sell inappropriate donated items as we see fit.