About Baby Bank Network

Baby Bank Network was set up in Bristol in June 2015 by Eva Fernandes (Chair), Becky Gilbert (Secretary) and Melissa Burgers (Treasurer), with lots of help from our team of volunteers, and support from our sponsors, our supporters, and our partners.

The creation of Baby Bank Network came from a motivation to help alleviate child poverty, support families in need at a what may be a time of financial and emotional stress, whilst reducing waste and promoting reuse of items. You can read more about our aims, vision, mission below.

We collect baby clothes, toiletries, equipment, cots, prams and toys that are pre-loved, and pass them on to families in need. We receive referrals from health visitors, children’s centres and other local professionals who work with vulnerable families. Our service is provided for free. All donations go directly to the families that we support.

In February 2017, we launched our first partner branch, Bairnecessities, helping families in Aberdeenshire. Since then we have launched partner branches in Exeter and Isle of Wight.


Our Aims, Vision, Mission and Values

  • Relieve poverty in the Bristol area by providing good quality new and pre-owned baby items to families in need.
  • Promote sustainable living by reducing the volume of items (clothes, toys, equipment, furniture) disposed of and upcycling goods that still have plenty of life left.
  • Redistribute resources from where they are abundant to where they are lacking, reducing parental stress, anxiety and depression, in turn helping children.
  • Provide funding for private services which expectant or postnatal mothers might not otherwise be able to access, for example a birth or post-natal doula or lactation consultant.
Baby Bank Network will become an important national charity, providing families in need with essential items and services in order to thrive.
We strive to support families in need by providing them with new and pre-owned essential baby items and resources, free of charge, resulting in:

  • Improved living environments for babies and children
  • Reduced financial burden for families
  • Improvement in mental health for vulnerable people
  • Ability to focus on other aspects of home life rather than financial burden
  • We will source, service and provide pre-loved baby items to those in need.
  • We will work closely with agencies (e.g. health visitors, children’s centres and health professionals), charities and organisations to help meet the needs of those struggling to afford baby items, whilst supporting agencies such as the cloth nappy library, in the work that they do.
  • We will reimburse surplus funds into the Baby Bank Network, as a not-for-profit venture, to grow the organisation and help more families in need.
  • We will be fair, efficient and transparent in the way we conduct business.
  • We will use good environmental practice, endeavour not to waste materials and distribute all suitable donations.
  • We will work with existing re-use and recycling projects to ensure best practice and minimal waste