Happy New Year
December 31, 2015
Baby Bank Network
Donations of items to Baby Bank Network doubled in one day, more volunteers now needed!
January 18, 2016

Can you believe that Baby Bank Network opened its doors over 6 months ago and in that time we have already managed to redistribute pre-loved baby items to over 100 families, 102 to be exact.  Those referrals included 49 toy/book bundles, 48 clothes bundles, 40 baby toiletry packs, and 33 prams! Even though we our astounded by what we have achieved we knew that there were still lots more people to help and lots more people who wanted to help. The main problem we had faced was how to get things from people who wanted to donate quicker and easier and how to get the type of items we really needed.

As you probably know we have had an array of events since June last year including, Cake & Donate at Cake (Gloucester Rd), Cake, Play & Donate at Kudacan (Dongola Ave), to name a couple, alongside frequent donations at Born (Gloucester Rd).  All of these worked really well for small drop offs but how would, a mum with two kids in tow manage to drop off a cot to one of these places? We needed to find a way to make this simpler for all of our loyal and generous followers. So we decided to have a HUGE post Christmas event at our favourite Bristol location Big Yellow Self Storage (St Phillips).

Baby Bank Network

Some of our wonderful BBN volunteers!

This type of event ticked all the boxes.  Easy to access location, direct storage options on site, lots of parking plus spread over a Saturday late morning to give people plenty of time to get there.  So the date was set and Saturday 9th January was the big day.

In the week leading up to the event, the social media buzz around the event really took off with close to 100 people saying they would be attending the event on our Facebook page. As the day approached maybe we started to panic just a little.  Could we cope with all of those donations in one day? Would we have enough help to sort through everything? And what about that terrible weather forecast, would anybody actually come?

Baby Bank Network

Everyone chipped in!

Well Bristol we can always rely on you to pull it out the bag. Did the rain put anyone off? Absolutely not! We had over 100 cars and people come and donate items today, some of those cars full to bursting with beautiful items.  Not only did we have an enormous amount of donations, but some of you were so kind to have washed, sorted and labelled everything before you arrived.  Alongside this gigantic pile of clothes, buggies, cots, toys and toiletries were lots of smiling and willing volunteers who stayed on despite the weather to help us sort through, pack away and drive van loads up to Southmead. Thank you Brighter Bristol, John & Kerry, Lisa, Emily, Alice and Anne-Marie

We cannot thank our Baby Bank Network community enough – you guys surpass our expectations every time with your love, generosity and willingness to help. Who can imagine how far we can go in 2016.