Thank you so much for your support. It wouldn’t be possible to help families in need without your incredible pre-loved baby items and your gifts of items which can only be supplied new. We are extremely grateful to receive your donations. Thank you for thinking of us.

Step 1) Check our current wishlist for the items that we need

Please check our wishlist for items that you can drop into our warehouse or you can donate toiletries to one of our donation points. Alternatively, please visit our Amazon wishlist to send items directly to us. Thank you for your support .

Step 2) Check that your items meet our guidelines for donations

If you have items that we currently need, then please check that they meet our safety guidelines.

Step 3) E-mail us will details of your donation

Contact us at and we will be in touch.
If your items are not on the wishlist, still send us an e-mail as we might be able to take them.

Do you items you would like to donate? Please check our current wishlist to see if you can help us. If you have items not on the wishlist then please send us an email as we might still be able to take it.

If you have toiletries, monitors or (unused, unopened) teats for bottles, then you can drop them off in one of our toiletries bins. Please follow the link to see which toiletries we need and where you can take them.

We occasionally hold donation events at our warehouse in Fishponds, where we ask for a longer list of items than on our usual monthly wishlist. Follow the link below for details of our next event.

You can donate new items directly via our Amazon wishlist. These purchases will get sent directly to us.