Help Baby Bank Network win £1k with #RedCupCheer
November 22, 2015
#1MillionHours, Baby Bank Network needs you.
December 13, 2015

I’m writing this on Black Friday (Nov 27) – drowning in a sea of mass consumption, where the TV, radio and Internet is going all out trying to encourage people to buy ‘bargains’ they inevitably don’t need. People spending millions of pounds on electrical goods, holidays and gifts. People getting injured trying to bag the half price flat screen TV from the high street store, people skiving off work browsing Amazon for bargains and people sharing their buys on social media.

Fast forward four days and we arrive at Giving Tuesday (Dec 1). Where Black Friday is the day of the year where people spend the most, Giving Tuesday is the day where people give the most to charity. Much more in keeping with the Christmas spirit! And much more relevant to our cause.

Thank you!

Some of you may’ve supported our #GrowYourTenner campaign last month – and thanks to you and teddytennerLocalGiving’s fundraising drive, we made over £2,000 – enough money to cover the rent on our new home for the next six months – meaning we can help up to 10 families a week. We’re currently embarked on Neighbourly and Starbucks’ #RedCupCheer campaign to raise enough money to cover our rent until our first anniversary next summer.


While we’ve been amazed with the amount of donated baby items given to us by generous parents, Baby Bank Network has an urgent need for financial donations. Even though the organisation is run by volunteers (we always need more of those too!), there are costs to repair buggies, buy new mattresses and teats and we have to pay for mundane items to secure the day-to-day running of the charitable organisation, things like rent and insurance.



We’ve got another opportunity to raise some money this #GivingTuesday too, where £5 donations could be fund-matched by LocalGiving again.

If you support our cause – helping Bristol families in need – please consider giving us £5 this Giving Tuesday to help us to ensure that we can continue this important service for the community. There’s no better day to donate, as if you make a £5 donation on Giving Tuesday via LocalGiving then your gift could be doubled to £10 (as part of lottery of 1,000 donations which will be fund-matched).


Where your money goes

We were working out of a donated unit at Big Yellow Storage in St Phillips, but that unit quickly filled up with goods and we had to stop taking donations – faster than we could get them out. We’re fortunate enough to have found a larger premises in Southmead, allowing us not only to accept more donations but also to host more volunteers sorting, cleaning and preparing the packages for distribution but this costs hundreds of pounds each month to run.

If you donate £5 and it gets fund-matched to £10, it could pay for:
• A moses basket mattress
• Valeting a pram and buying a new raincover
• 4 bottle teats
• Petrol to deliver a donation pack from our warehouse to up to 3 recipients

If you do donate, please also share a photo of you with your fiver or ‘Give Me 5’ written on your hand and the hashtags #GiveMe5 #babybanknetwork in a bid to inspire others to follow suit. We’ve had a super special celeb get in on the act to start us off! Find out who through Facebook and Twitter on Tuesday.


To donate, visit: