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April 15, 2016
Baby Bank Network
Why I support the Baby Bank Network
May 12, 2016

Baby Bank Network wouldn’t be where it is today without a dedicated group of supporters and volunteers. Our volunteers enable us to do what we do but volunteering isn’t a one-way street. Yes, it makes a huge difference to us, as an organisation, but it also has real benefits for those who donate their time, energy and enthusiasm.


BBN Volunteers!

BBN Volunteers!


These are just three ways that volunteering does good for others as well as yourself.


  1. Skills – use your own and learn more  

Are you a student looking for opportunities to help your CV stand out from the crowd when you graduate? We can give you the chance to learn practical skills which will make you more desirable to prospective employers. Maybe you could join our social media team to help us build our presence on Pinterest and Instagram.

Perhaps you work in a corporate organisation and are looking to gain experience in the voluntary sector. Volunteering can give you the chance to apply your professional knowledge in a different context which is great for your professional development.

  1. Time – use it productively

Not everyone is in a position to financially support a charity but volunteering is a way of supporting charities that doesn’t have a financial cost. You do have to make a time commitment so it is important to be clear about how much you have and are willing to offer. Whether you have a couple of hours a week or could help out on a more ad hoc basis there are lots of ways you can support us. An hour every week could help clean up donated prams and pushchairs ready for their new homes.

  1. Fun – keep life interesting

Whatever your age or your stage in life, volunteering gives you the opportunity to spend time away from work, get out of the house, and the chance to do something completely different from your normal day to day routine. We need people to help us fundraise, it’s what keeps us going, create links with local businesses, other charities and organisations. Could you help us build a network within our local community? Volunteering with us means you’ll get to meet new people, make new acquaintances and make a real difference to the community you live in.  


So, if having read all this you think ‘yes I’d like to get involved’ visit our current help needed page to find out more about how you can volunteer with Baby Bank Network. Every person counts and you can make a real difference to us!