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Life Before Baby Bank


An account by one of our referral partners:

Before Baby Bank began I visited Anna and her baby, Lucy. Anna had fled an abusive relationship and was staying temporarily with her friend. She had left in a hurry with just a few essentials. Her friend had bought some nappies and wipes but her own financial situation was difficult and she could not provide further support.

I don’t think I will ever forget Anna and Lucy. While hearing her story I felt great admiration for the strength and courage she had shown in leaving an abusive relationship, putting the safety of her baby above all else and knowing that so many other mums had – and will – take this step. Watching her; that bond between a mother and her baby was so warm and strong.  A mother instinctively feeding and caring for her baby, who thankfully knew nothing of what else was happening in the world around her.

Life Before Baby Bank - Referral Package

For Anna and Lucy, I managed to get hold of a few nappies, some second-hand clothes and a pram which had seen better days. If only Baby Bank was around then. How I would have loved to offer Lucy a referral to an amazing charity that could provide her with pre-loved baby essentials. Essentials that come beautifully packaged, that help mum feel so valued and thought of. I would have come away from that visit knowing there was a charity that could help. Ok, they don’t have a magic wand to change those personal circumstances but these essentials could have helped to ease her desperate situation.

Life Before Baby Bank Referral Package

When you open a package from Baby Bank it really feels like it contains the love, thoughts and histories of all those kind families who have donated.  That little babygrow, a half-used pack of nappies or the fluffy jacket that’s been lurking in the back of your wardrobe can make such a difference and mean that, somewhere in Bristol, a baby will be warm, clean and cosy today. As a registered referral partner I now feel so relieved that I have somewhere to go to get help for families like Anna and Lucy.

Thank you, and thank goodness for Baby Bank.


Please note: All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals mentioned.