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Donations of items to Baby Bank Network doubled in one day, more volunteers now needed!
January 18, 2016
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January 31, 2016
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Baby Bank at Big Yellow Self Storage Company, Barrow Road, Avonmead, which collects unwanted kids clothes to distribute to needy families, has been inundated with donations in its first two weeks. It now needs to find bigger premises. Pegah Esmaidi, Melissa Burgers, Becky Gilbert, Esa Fernandes, Suzy Harris 29/07/15 Photographer: Jon Kent Reporter: Copyright: Bristol News and Media

So, we’ve had a pretty fine start to 2016!  A fantastic donation event and now our founders Eva Fernandez and Becky Gilbert have just won the Points of Light award from the UK Government .

We’re still buzzing about it all and are so optimistic for more success this year. We’re slowly, but surely, sorting through your donations and as a result we’ve been considering how we can streamline our procedures and speed up the process of getting those wonderful bundles of baby goodness from your door to the next.

So what’s changing?

Firstly, we’re going to tweak our donation policy and put a short term halt on clothing donations – just for a little while. This will allow for that amazing mountain of clothes you donated that we now have in store to simmer down as we sort, pack and deliver referrals to the families that need them the most and keep our Baby Bank hub ticking along sweetly. We’re looking toward the Spring for another large donation event so keep that in mind if you’re having a new year clear out!

Bags of donations!

Bags of donations!

What’s happening?

We will still be holding our regular Baby Bank Network events at Cake and KudaCan .This will be for fundraising those all important pennies and pounds to help towards our continued growth and an opportunity for you to donate Mother & Baby toiletries and Baby Monitors. Follow our Facebook page for more details on upcoming events and get the dates in your diary! We’ll be sure to keep you posted as and when they are planned.

Business as usual…

For large items such as cots, buggies and high chairs you can make an appointment with our Warehouse Coordinator and drop off at our Southmead unit. As normal, you can continue to donate toiletries anytime at Born on Gloucester Road.

Please get in touch with our team for more information if you are unsure – our team are happy to help with any enquiries.

All organised and ready!

All organised and ready!

How can you help us in 2016?

Whilst we don’t feel like we can thank you enough for your generosity and support, we have a few small things we’d like to ask of you if you were thinking of donating, now with larger items or later in the year at our future events…

Please give everything you donate a good clean and make sure it’s in full working order. When we’re ready to take more clothing please consider pre – sorting the clothes into age and gender and clothing type. Some of our donators have already been doing this so thank you kindly for that!  If you were feeling extra generous, maybe you could make sure that poppers and zips are fastened and ready to be packed. These things save so much time and free our volunteers to get on with other tasks ultimately leading to getting referrals out as fast as we can.

Small things make a huge difference to Baby Bank Bristol, something as a simple as a Facebook ‘like’, ‘share’ or a Twitter ‘re-tweet’ can really help us spread our message and continue our mission to support families in need.

Don’t forget, you can sign up to our volunteering team at any time –we’d love to have you on board!