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November 20, 2016
Baby Bank Network ’12 Days of Christmas’ campaign
December 12, 2016


December: The busiest time of year. There are cards to write, tangled fairy lights to wrestle, and the kids’ social calendars to arrange with military precision.

Not to mention the Christmas shopping, with every last penny already allocated to gift-wrap and mince pies.

Christmas is also a time when many of us take a moment to consider those who are struggling. It’s not surprising that we find Christmas appeals dropping through the letterbox every morning.

But if you’re short on time and increasingly low on funds, what’s the best way to support your favourite charity (ideally Baby Bank)?  Easy Fundraising

It is so simple. No climbing into the loft to sort through bags of pre-loved babygros, or baking a mountain of cakes for a bake sale (we’ll come back to you about that in January). No need to reduce your mother-in-law’s present budget to send us a cash donation. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time, and you can earn money simply by ticking things off your Christmas to-do list.

Basically, Easy Fundraising lets you earn charitable donations for doing your online shopping. You can raise much-needed funds for babies in need by doing what most of us are already doing. With just one click.

I know what you’re thinking. There are bound to be lengthy forms to fill in and then you earn a minuscule amount for renewing your car insurance or booking a 2-week cruise through a company you’ve never heard of.

Nope! It is very simple to register. And chances are you already shop online at many of the retailers who participate.

How Easy Fundraising works

You can register for an Easy Fundraising account with just your name and email address. You are then sent a link to download a ‘donation reminder’, which adds a little icon next to the address bar on your web browser.

From that point, every time you visit a website that supports Easy Fundraising, the icon will flash and tell you what percentage of your spend will be donated.

Thousands of retailers take part: Amazon, John Lewis, Not On The High Street, Waitrose, Debenhams, Etsy, ebay, M&S, Next, House of Fraser, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Boden, Top Shop, Gap, Argos, Boots, The Body Shop – to name just a few.

So whether you’re ordering presents for your family or doing your weekly grocery shop, the retailer will automatically donate a sum to Baby Bank at no cost to you. How good is that! Over the last week I’ve ordered 5 presents online which has generated a donation of almost £5.00 – in another week I should have earned enough for Baby Bank to buy a new baby mattress. Just through buying a few small Christmas gifts.

Of course if you do need to renew your car insurance or book that family cruise, you could raise a sizeable sum.

Another useful feature alerts you on a Google search to the percentage that each retailer will donate. If, for example, you are still searching for the perfect shade of fairy lights, a quick check of Google will tell you not only who stocks them but how much each retailer will donate to Easy Fundraising on your behalf.

Of course, it’s not only a fab tool at Christmas, you can activate donations all year round and raise money every time you shop. When you log in to your Easy Fundraising account, you can see at a glance how much you’ve raised – and how much your chosen charity has collected so far. There is even a leader board where those with a competitive spirit can see how they rank in the fundraising stakes.

Disclaimer: this may well encourage you to do more online shopping. But while your donations are adding up behind the scenes, at least you’ll still have time to sew up that nativity costume. Or enjoy another mince pie.

Have you registered with Easy Fundraising yet?