Thank you Big Yellow Self Storage Company
June 2, 2015
Branding and Website
June 6, 2015
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We have space

Today Becky and I (and baby Sylvie) visited Lewis from the Big Yellow Self Storage Company. They have offered us a space to store and sort our donations.  One minor stumbling block is the need for insurance for the donations, the value of which is unknown and will fluctuate all the time.

Plan A was to check if we could extend Born’s contents insurance to cover it but as it’s not the ‘same legal entity’ so it won’t work.  Big Yellow’s insurance is only £3 a week so Plan B is to find the cash! Any offers?  It’s less than the price of a posh coffee sacrificed once a week. We’ll give you these pens 🙂 One person or many, we don’t mind, Big Yellow had lots of pens!

big yellow pens


Our soon to be full space at Big Yellow