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About Baby Bank Network

Here at Baby Bank Network Bristol, we collect donations of pre-loved baby equipment, clothing, toys, toiletries and other essentials and pass them on to families across Bristol who are experiencing poverty or crisis.

Our small staff team, supported by many wonderful volunteers, make sure all of your pre-loved donations get to the people who need them most. Working with a network of local referral partners, we currently support around 40 families a week.

By passing on items that have been used and loved by your family to another, we help to prolong the life of your gifts. This helps the environment by reducing the number of new items that need to be made and creating a circular sharing economy that benefits us all.

Baby Bank Network Bristol was founded in 2015 by Eva Fernandes, Becky Gilbert and Melissa Burgers. Organised from their kitchen tables with donations collected and sorted in garages and spare rooms (often with their babies strapped to their chests!), the charity has grown to be a vital and respected organisation which supports over 40 families every week.

Our vision is that our community works together to ensure that all families with young children have the basic items they need.

Our aims

  • To relieve poverty in the Bristol area by providing good quality new and pre-owned baby items to families experiencing poverty or crisis.
  • To promote sustainable living by reducing the volume of items (clothes, toys, equipment, furniture) disposed of and upcycling goods that still have plenty of life left.
  • To redistribute resources from where they are abundant to where they are lacking, reducing parental stress, anxiety and depression, in turn helping children.

Our mission

To support families experiencing poverty or crisis by providing them with new and pre-owned essential baby items and resources, free of charge, resulting in:

  • Improved living environments for babies and children
  • Reduced financial burden for families
  • Improvement in mental health for vulnerable people
  • Ability to focus on other aspects of home life rather than financial burden

Our values

  • We are local. We will source, service and provide pre-loved baby items to those who need them across Bristol.
  • We are collaborative. We will work closely with others to help meet the needs of families experiencing poverty or crisis.
  • We are open and accountable. We will be fair, efficient and transparent in the way we conduct business.
  • We are sustainable. We will use good environmental practice, endeavour not to waste materials and distribute all suitable donations.

Meet our team

Rosanna James

Rosanna James

Chair of trustees

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Becky Gilbert

Co-founder/Chief Exec

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Eva Fernandes

Co-founder & trustee

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Morena Staiano

Trustee (Projects)

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Anna Zawada

Trustee (Fundraising & Interim Treasurer)

Stephanie King

Trustee (HR)

Cristiana Ruocco

Trustee (legal)

Our supporters

National Lottery
Liubov Edwards
The Fore
ScrapCar Comparison