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To be a mother

To be a mother

‘A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities’, said Eda J. LeShan. This is certainly true normally, but where we are now, a new baby can also bring anxiety and stress. Usual comforts and safe places may not be an option due to Covid-19.

In the first few days you might have your own mum or mother in law come and stay to provide much needed help and advice. You can still get advice, but it’s not quite the same as having someone there with you. If your partner has to work you can find yourself alone much more than normal. But really as long as your baby is with you, you’ll never be alone.

First come the first smiles and giggles, great to see and even better to share. We have all the technology so that these can be sent to everyone. Family members will love the updates and photos of the newest family member.

Walks in the park and baby groups used to be the norm, now in a pandemic, it’s all Zoom baby groups and socially distanced walks outside in the unreliable British weather. It certainly is different and is different for babies too. Being able to interact in some way is a blessing.

Weaning is a fun time but can also be messy and confusing. Are they getting enough or too much? Will they be allergic to something? Mostly it ends up on the floor, but at least food is fun until they are 1!

Crawling and walking is next in the development. There might not be a lot of room in your house but you’ll be surprised at how quickly they will cover that space. Videos taken and sent to grandparents sharing these lovely moments. Walks in the garden or the park when the weather allows, and maybe even some puddle splashing on rainy days. It’s just nice to be out of the house together.

First words are next, and most mums will hope the baby says mummy first but it usually ends up being daddy! You spend the next few weeks trying to get them to say it and when they do it is the most wonderful sound in the world.

Then, first birthdays. Hopefully as restrictions ease some parties may be able to happen but, in the meantime, cake and presents can still be shared, and this usually means all the toys known to man. But no matter how many gifts people send, the happiness of being around a child for these moments is not something that can be bought or donated.

Times are tough for all. Everyone misses someone they haven’t seen for a while and bringing up a baby during all of this can be tougher than ever. But your support network is there no matter what and will always be there, as are organisations like Baby Bank Network.